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Frequently Asked Questions


1. What size associations do you mange?

    From 5 units to over 100 units. We specialize in small associations.


2. Can you customize your services for the unique requirements our association has?

    Yes. We are extremely flexible and want to provide the management services you need.


3. Can we continue to use the vendors and contractors we are currently using?

    Yes. Our concern is only that your current vendors and contractors are properly licensed and are performing the job to your satisfaction. If you are unhappy with your current vendors and contractors, we can provide alternatives.


4. Can you obtain bids for maintenance projects?

    Yes. We have a fiduciary responsibility to ensure our clients receive the greatest value for their dollar.


5. Can you assist in preparation of our association's annual budget?

    Yes. We will review previous years spending and prepare a draft for the board's review and approval.


6. Will the transition from our current management company be difficult?

    No. We will handle all the details.


7. Can you help our board keep current on laws affecting our association?

    Yes. We work very closely with an association attorney to keep ourselves current on state and federal laws affecting associations.




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